Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ruth Ann takes a road trip...

This past weekend Ruth Ann and I made our first road trip together...some of you may be saying "Yikes!! Has Tara lost her mind??". Ruth Ann had proven herself to be a good passenger on a long day of driving a few weeks ago, but a 4 1/2 hour trip would be the true test of her passenger abilities. She was great...I think she was good passenger because she knew we were Auburn bound...I'm always happy when I'm headed to Auburn!

So what prompted this trip?? My friends Amanda (my first friend at Auburn) and Candi (one of my college roommates) had not met Ruth Ann. Candi was driving in from Texas for A-day (Auburn's spring football game) so I organized a trip to Auburn with a stop in Columbus, Ga to visit Amanda. Ruth Ann also needed to visit her future college campus!! Candi's youngest child ended up getting sick so we didn't get to see them...we were all very disappointed, but glad to hear Landon is feeling much better now. There will be other trips when we can meet up in we'll just look forward to seeing them on another visit...I see LOTS more trips to Auburn in Ruth Ann's future!

So here is Ruth Ann ready to roll out of the driveway on Thursday morning. With her belly full she was asleep about 15 minutes into the trip. She started to wake up by the time we got to Atlanta and napped a little bit more between there and Columbus. All in all she was an excellent passenger!

Here is Amanda's little boy, Asher. Both our little criminals are in their striped pj's so Amanda and I couldn't pass up the chance to get their picture together!

I love how they're checking each other out! TOO CUTE!

This is Asher's Jack in the's much less frightening than the one I grew up with. A sock puppet doesn't have near the scare factor as a clown!

We got to Andrea's house on Friday afternoon. Here is Andrea, Anna and Ruth Ann chilling out & watching TV. Andrea had a lap full between the girlies and CJ (her cat sitting right below Ruth Ann).

Anna enjoyed Ruth Ann's Bumbo while we were there. She may have sat in it as much as Ruth Ann did!

Here are the girlies spending Saturday morning in their pj's. Anna was very sweet to Ruth Ann...I know they're going to love each other very much.

You may be asking yourself....What could Ruth Ann be watching so intently??

Anna introduced Ruth Ann to Dora the Explorer. It won't be long now until Ruth Ann is speaking Spanish!

The two little princesses. Anna briefly shared her crowns with Ruth Ann so we could get a quick picture.

Ruth Ann may not quite be ready to wear a crown...she doesn't know what to think about it in this picture!

Here are my favorite pictures...Ruth Ann at Samford Hall.

Thanks to Andrea I was able to get these pictures. Unfortunately picture time was also nap/lunch time...Anna had a small melt down which left Andrea with her hands full.

Gosh....I love this place...Samford Hall is such a beautiful building.

Here's my very favorite picture...

Thanks again Andrea for all your help! Poor Anna...what do you think will make you feel better??

Ruth Ann's got it girl! Anna missed out on the some to the simple pleasures before coming home from Guatemala. She's been eyeing Ruth Ann's pacie for some time. I promise we fed her and let her nap after we took this picture. She spent the afternoon in a much better mood.

Saturday night we visited my cousins. Here's Caroline with Ruth Ann...when I was in graduate school Caroline was 3 years old...she's growing up so fast!

Here's Jack and Caroline with Ruth Ann. What good looking kids! My family obviously has excellent genes!

What a fun trip! I'm looking forward to lots more trips with my baby girl. I hope she continues to be a good passenger because I had a lot of fun having her with me.

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Anonymous said...

OMG, Russell, Hudson and I were on town for A-Day too. I can't believe we missed you. I guess that means you will have to come back to a game in the fall.
Love you,