Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Open ceremonies at the new pool

I know we all think our grandparents treated us better than our parents when we were growing up. I know I do. Don't get me wrong, I grew up knowing my parents loved me very much...but I could do no wrong in my grandparents eyes. I have memories of my grandma reading stories to me at my bed side until I fell asleep. My mom sent me straight to bed...no stories...but I can't blame her...Ruth Ann is a fantastic baby, but when it's bed time, that means I get some quite time...and that quite time is priceless.

Now let me say Ada and Ruth Ann are very lucky little girls. They have a Grammy (& Grumpy) that love them very much and desire nothing more than for both of them to spend days (if not weeks) at their house. Last summer when I found out I was having a girl making Ada & Ruth Ann almost exactly 1 year apart...my mom went a little "Grammy Crazy". First she joined the Disney Vacation Club so we will have family vacations together for the next 50 years. This means Toni and I will be vacationing together even when we're grandparents ourselves!

Next came the announcement that Grammy & Grumpy would be breaking ground on a new swimming pool complete with slide & diving board!! The ironic thing is that this pool sits in the exact location where I use to lay out in the sun when I was still living at home...oh how I wish this pool had been there 15 years ago!

Here is Spencer breaking in the sliding board...

When do you think Ruth Ann will be sliding with Spencer down the slide??

Grammy and Ruth Ann

The diving board looks like it works too.

I think Ruth Ann is saying "Spencer, are you crazy?? The water is still too cold for me."

Crazy boys...the water temp was around 75 degrees...still to cold for me, but they said it actually felt pretty good. I'll jump in when the temp hits 80 degrees!

Instead of lounging in the pool, Ruth Ann spend some time indoors. This was one of Ada's favorite toys. It's a stationary jumper. Although Ada had hours of fun in this jumper, I'm told it leads to some very messy diapers! So far, Ruth Ann seems to have enjoyed it...we'll just have to make sure she gets in here with a clean diaper!

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The Howell family said...

yea, I wish that pool had been there too! We would have made great pool mermaids :)
Ya'll will really enjoy it!

Anonymous said...
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