Monday, May 18, 2009

Don't be crabby...



This past weekend we took a trip to Folly Beach with our friends. 10 adults & 5 kiddos under 2 years of age....our house was a wild one!

First I'll give you a brief summary of Ruth Ann's weekend and then I'll show you how precious all the other kids were and give you glimpse into some of the adult fun that as had while kids napped or were down for the night. This is a family blog, so it's all very tame.

Ruth Ann started out on Friday morning by heading out to the beach in a swim suit from Grammy. Ada has a matching suit, so I'm sure there will be some pics of both the girls wearing this suit at Disney in a few weeks. Here's Ruth Ann checking out some of the grass on the sand dunes. Ruth Ann's bows are no longer just for looks, they serve a purpose...her hair hangs down in her face...this made the bow necessary during our time on the beach...and it's really cute!


So, do you think the water is warm enough for Ruth Ann to take a dip?? Why don't we find out...


Yep, it was too cold for this baby. This actually marked the beginning of the end of Ruth Ann's morning on the beach.


I learned the hard way that swim diapers are NOT absorbant unless they are in water. Since Ruth Ann never got into the water so her tee-tee just sat in a puddle in the swim diaper. This angered her more than you can bad it was an hour later & we were back at the house before I figured it out. I had really hoped she would take her morning nap on the beach, but she was having none of that. My visions of her loving the beach were fading!

After a diaper change and a nap, Ruth Ann and I headed back out to the beach to get some more pictures. I'm very proud of this outfit because I made it myself...I appliqued the flip flops on with my fabulous sewing machine.


Here she is eating some of the grass from the sand dunes. Whatever keeps her happy at the beach is fine with me!


Friday started out with a new bathing suit...which I monogramed myself...and a regular diaper rather than a swim diaper. As you can see she's much happier this morning. I think my dream of having a beach buddy may actually happen!


And my wish came true to have her take her morning nap on the beach...she slept peacefully for an hour and a half. And what picture of Ruth Ann is complete without a bow??


Here are some of the other cuties from our weekend...

Jay doing a little digging in the sand.


Don't you love his freckles??


Here's Claire...I'm not sure which she liked more, playing on the beach or eating the beach??


Here's Christopher enjoying some beach time after his afternoon nap...this is one of my favorite pictures from the whole weekend.


Here's Mason fearlessly sitting in the water & letting the waves crash on him over and over again.


See, he LOVED the water!


So how did the grown-ups spend their time??

Graem provided us with some beach side adult beverages thanks to his gas powered all my Auburn friends, please get your engineering hubbies to work on one of these so we'll be ready to tail gate with one of our own in the fall.


The guys played a little football in the water.


Here is Auralee and Sally chatting on the front porch.


Saturday night a wedding took place in the house across the street from us. The reception was on the roof of the house and had a great DJ. We were all convinced the bride and groom were our age because the music reminded us of our college years. We all considered becoming wedding crasher to go get some cake and dance to the music. Instead, we sat and enjoyed it from our porch.


Here are Graem and Brantley Clark...


Here are Jay and Auralee Tunmore...


And here are Justin and Sally Brown...


We had such a fun time and time seemed to fly by. Thankfully it started raining on us as we started to leave...I love when this happens because it makes it a little less sad to be leaving the coast.

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Misty said...

Tara, I really love reading your posts! You have such a talent in creating a story with your words and pictures!

Love ya!