Saturday, May 9, 2009

To the zoo

This weekend we were very excited to get a visit from Aunt Toni and Ada. Grammy recently became a member of the zoo, so off to the zoo we went. You will all be happy to know that Ruth Ann managed to stay awake during most of the trip through the zoo. Here are some highlights...

Aunt Tony and Ada waiting in line to ride the ponies. FYI...when visiting Riverbanks Zoo you must be 2 years old to ride the ponies. This is not posted ANYWHERE...we reviewed the riding requirements and this was not listed. However, they did allow Toni to wait in line with Ada and once she was moments away from riding informed us of the age requirement. I know, we should have just said she was 2 years old, but we were honest and stepped out of line. Don't worry Ada, Grumpy has lots of horses he would be happy to let you ride and there's no age restrictions at the Becker Ranch.


Here's Ruth Ann hanging out while Ada waited in line for the pony ride. You can see one of the ponies in the back ground.


In planning for our trip to Disney in a few weeks, my mom realized that Ada is not going to be content to ride in her stroller the whole time, so she purchased a child leash. So, I'm one of those people who use to look at these in distaste...I'm now a believer. Today was a test run...Ada was great! She loved being able to roam with a little bit a freedom. This was definitely money well spent by Grammy.


Here's Ada milking the pretend cows in the farm area of the zoo. I know she's missing the bucket, but give a girl a's her first time milking a far as we know...her Daddy kept her busy with all kinds of farm activities. I know her Daddy is smiling down watching his little farm hand at work.



Ada is a girl of a thousand's one of my favorites...


Ada checking out the zebras...


And here's Ruth Ann with the zebras...


Riverbanks Zoo has a new baby's Ada checking out the newest member of Riverbanks...


Grammy stopped to buy a gift for her girls. She was thinking something cute, fuzzy and stuffed...Ada picked out a fake snake.


Ada says "I'm not afraid of no snake!"



So as you can see eventually Ruth Ann passed out from her zoo adventure. Maybe one day we'll make it through the whole zoo and still be awake as we exit. Thanks Grammy for the new tiger...we'll add it to our collection.

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