Tuesday, May 5, 2009

So Sweet

Ruth Ann's eating routine ends every night with Arch feeding her one last bottle for the day. This event use to begin at 11pm, but much to Arch's delight we have recently adjusted Ruth Ann's schedule so that she gets this last bottle around 9pm. A few nights ago I was sitting in the living room with them while Arch was feeding her. I looked over and this image caught my eye...


It makes me almost cry to think about how fast Ruth Ann is growing...sometimes I feel like she is growing before my eyes. Then I see my baby girl with her sweet little hand next to her daddy's and I am reminded of how small she still is. I'm so very thankful for these little moments and glad I keep my camera close so I can remember them always!

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The Howell family said...

so sweet! In regards to the previous post-you must always remember the cardinal rule of parenting-don't compare your kids with others :) I do it all the time-esp. with Amelia's language dev.

The Hicklins said...

Love that last pic! They grow up so fast!