Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ruth Ann, meet Green Beans

I have a friend from my college years who has a baby boy (Asher) a few days younger than Ruth Ann. Thankfully his wife has a blog, so I'm able to follow how he's growing...otherwise I would probably never know anything about this baby boy. Anyway, it had been a while since there had been a post, so I was delighted this afternoon to see an updated post. My delight turned into worry for my own baby. This child is leaps and bounds ahead of Ruth Ann & he's YOUNGER than her. He's sitting up on his own, he's wearing size 3 diapers and he's been eating fruits and veggies for WEEKS!! Okay, so I can't do much about the sitting up...even though Ruth Ann sits very well in her Bumbo she's still weeks away from sitting up on her own...and she could wear size 3 diapers, but I'm not ready for her to move out of the Swaddlers...but I can start feeding her whatever I want.

Here's is Ruth Ann in her high chair for the first time.


So, is it cruel that I picked green beans to be her first taste of real food?? I read that you should start with a veggie because if you start with fruits then they may not take to the veggies. Ruth Ann's Uncle Jeff (Arch's brother) also doesn't eat anything green...even as an adult. I was a little concerned about this being a McCarty trait, so Ruth Ann got green beans first.


But don't worry, Ruth Ann had lots of family members cheering her on...


Ok, so the dogs were outside looking in, but check out who was literaly BEGGING for a bite of green beans for her own...


Okay, here we go...


I think she might actually like green beans!


Yep...she enjoyed every last bite!


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Brantley said...

Good job, Ruth Ann! And yes, it is cruel to start he with green beans (maybe that is because I don't like them myself?).

Carter said...

Yucky ~ beans!! But, way to go Ruth Ann! She is def leaps and bounds ahead of savannah - but, savannah has someone to look up to :)