Sunday, October 4, 2009

10 Months Old

I can barely wrap my mind around the idea that my baby girl is 10 months old...which means her birthday is right around the corner.



Ruth Ann is still committed to the crawl as her major mode of transportation with zero interest in walking. She pulls up only to her knees, but will stand temporarily when we put her that way next to a piece of furniture. Although she crawled on schedule, I think we are months and months away from having a walking child in this house. She's still eating all baby foods, but I have tried introducing real solid foods here and there....she's not too fond of this idea, so this may be a slow process too. She is constantly chatting with us...but there's no Rosetta Stone to translate what she is trying to say to us, so this month I've started Baby Signing Time videos with her. Children can communicate with signs before they can communicate with speech and I've seen first hand how successful children can be with signing when these videos are used. My friend Jeannie used them with her girls and they ended up with an huge signing vocabulary...I can't wait to see Ruth Ann start to pick up some signs. Also, signing is suppose to add to a child's IQ score and I think we all could use a few extra IQ points. We didn't take any big trips during September, but we've got some traveling ahead of us in October and November. We're headed to Montgomery in 2 weeks to visit Ms. Erin & Baby Kate and then onto Auburn to see Aunt Andrea and Anna and also to meet up with Ms. Candi, Reagan and Landon in Auburn. Then back to Auburn in November to celebrate Anna's 3rd birthday and then to Walhalla to celebrate Ada's 2nd birthday. And somewhere in all that traveling I need to go visit my Aunt Jill and my Granny in North Carolina...maybe I should just keeps our bags packed for the next 2 months!

Ruth Ann continues to be a complete delight and somehow I seem to love her more and more every day. I'm so thankful to have this sweet baby girl and could not imagine a more perfect addition to our family.

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Tracy said...

AWESOME shirt! too cute. Also, thats great about baby signing. Tara got laid off from Merck and now she is teaching baby signing, and has done it with both boys, it really is the coolest thing. Going to start it with Jonah in about 2 months, but dont expect him to sign back till 9 or 10months ;)