Wednesday, October 28, 2009

At the South Carolina State Fair...

Oh delicious corn dogs, how I've missed you...

Every fall the South Carolina State Fair rolls into town. When I was younger this meant a day out of school...aka Fair Day...thank you South Carolina public education system...where a hand stamp allowed you to ride whatever ride your heart desired as many times as you tummy could stand it.


Now as an adult the fair means one thing to me...a corn dog, Fiske fries and an elephant ear...okay, that's actually 3 things, but they're 3 very delicious things. I would rather eat my way through the fair now, so riding is the last thing on my mind as I stroll the fair grounds. A few years ago the fair began allowing you to visit the fair for lunch only. You pay $5 to get in for 2 hours to eat lunch and if you're out of the fair grounds by 2pm you get your $5 back...perfect! These year Ruth Ann and I visited the fair with our friends Brantley, Mason & Roper. Let the feasting begin...




Now if you're a mother who strives to feed your children only the healthiest food money can may want to turn your head for these next pictures. What kinda of cruel mother would I have been to deny Ruth Ann the opportunity to experience fair cuisine??



Okay, I didn't exactly share my corn dog with her, but she did eat her "fair" share of fries...with vinegar of course!


Mason eagerly looked forward to riding a few of the rides before we had to leave...



Ruth Ann was very unhappy to hear that it will be another year before she can enjoy the rides too...


Roper didn't care...he still doesn't have a care in the world...he was sweet and content the entire time we were there...


While Brantley and Mason rode the carousel it began to rain. Unfortunately this meant I wasn't able to get the delicious elephant ear I had been dreaming about. Perhaps it was Divine intervention reminding me that my thighs didn't need that elephant ear this year...oh well, I look forward to one next year come rain or shine!

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