Monday, October 19, 2009

A couple of things Ruth Ann picked up in Alabama

Well, I left South Carolina on Wednesday afternoon with a baby who had not a tooth in her precious little blond head...but I returned on Sunday with a baby who has 2 little bottom teeth! The discovery was made by Erin on Friday morning before we left her house in Montgomery to head to Auburn. She was playing with Ruth Ann while I was preparing for departure and noticed a little tooth poking through. She stuck her finger in Ruth Ann's mouth to confirm the first tooth spotting and sure enough, there it was! Then Saturday it's little neighbor popped out! I'm totally shocked because I had convinced myself she would be over 1 year old before we got any teeth. And the funny thing was the night before Erin & I had a discussion about Ruth Ann's lack of teeth and I felt around for one and couldn't feel a thing. Then like magic it pops through over night...amazing!


Can you see them peeking through on the bottom??

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