Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ruth Ann's first tailgate

The nursery rhyme "Rain, rain go away. Come again another day" should probably be the title of this post. My college roommate Candi flew East for the Auburn/Kentucky game last weekend. I had looked forward to tailgating with her and her family for weeks...and it was cold, windy & rainy. I could have dealt with the cold & wind, but when the rain started it was time to pack up my 10 month old and head indoors.

Luckily we took some pictures at Samford Hall the day before...

These are Candi's kids & her nephew Aaron (Aaron's mom, Wendy, was also one of my roommate's in college). Such good lookin' kids!


Here's Ruth Ann in front of Samford Hall. One day we'll take her picture in her cap & gown in front of this same building.


Here are Candi's parents with all their grand kids.


Reagan was so sweet with Ruth Ann...but she is just an all around sweet little girl.


And Landon couldn't resist getting to sit next to a pretty little girl.


Here are some old friends with some new friends.



Saturday was very you can tell by these pictures. And it being the first time I have had Ruth Ann in the cold this Fall I wasn't completely prepared...I forgot a hat...have no fear, there is now a winter hat in the car that will be ready if & when we need it again. Candi's family tailgates in style so we had heated campers we could sit in to escape the cold...but I still got some pictures outside to remember her first tailgate...



Here are some of the good lookin' kids at tailgate...





Hudson (His mom is my friend Melanie, who is also Candi's cousin)


Someone else (aka Candi) also forgot her hat and had to borrow her kindergartner's hat...


And at a tailgate the truck bed of a Z71 also makes the perfect Pack & Play for wild man Hudson!


He makes this truck look good!


And he loves his Mimi!


We tried to play to distract ourselves from just how cold it really was...




But no amount of playing could keep the rain drops away, so once we felt the first drops of rain Andrea & I loaded up and took Ruth Ann & Anna back home.

I had no plans of going to the football game...not because of the cold and not because of the late start, but because I'm simply not brave enough to take Ruth Ann to a football game as a single parent. Daddy needs to be with us to tackle that kind of event! One of my favorite things about a late starting football game is that it insures you can eat where ever you want for dinner and you don't have to battle the crowds. So we met my friend Amanda and her husband and little boy (Asher) for dinner at Niffer's. Here's Asher showing off his best "Touchdown Auburn"....


Too bad the Tigers couldn't have done a little more of this and not lost to Kentucky...please, who losses to Kentucky...sorry Jeannie, no offense, but it is football season. I fully expect the Wildcats to beat us up and down the basketball court, but never the football field!

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