Tuesday, August 23, 2011

7 months

So I know this is weeks late...Tripp's monthly picture was taken on the correct day, but me blogging about it got caught up in the cleaning & preparing for our family beach trip. Then we were at the beach and then when we got home I wrote a nice long post about Tripp at 7 months...and I left it up on the computer and Ruth Ann (who has been asked several hundred times not to touch the computer) deleted the whole thing.

Anyway, I was busy bagging and tagging last week, but tonight, I'm committed to blogging about Tripp-man...


This is the sweetest little bundle of love...and just when I think he can't get any cuter...he does!

While were at the beach I shared a room with Ruth Ann and Tripp. Every morning Tripp would start to wake up at about 7am...but this little sweet boy doesn't cry...he chatters until someone comes to get him. I loved laying in the bed and listening to all his speech sounds. I counted between 5 & 6...which is combined in all different ways to make all kinds of words...but my favorite to hear is ma-ma-ma-ma-ma...but I'm partial.

At 7 months he is getting up on all 4's pretty consistently and rocking like he is preparing for take off. He gets where he needs to go by dragging himself around on his belly...but I know we're just a few weeks away from full on crawling mobility! He hasn't the slightest interest in pulling up...Ruth Ann didn't walk until 14 months. I had a patient tell me the longer a child has an organized crawl the more it helps with brain development and this can contribute to higher IQ scores. When Ruth Ann waited months and months to walk I clung to that piece of info...and I think I'll be doing the same with Tripp-man! Crawl on little guy...momma needs college scholarships!


Tripp loves his big sister. My favorite thing to hear is Ruth Ann making him laugh while I'm driving. It's just the sweetest little belly laugh I've ever heard and I love that it's his sister who gets him to laugh like that!

It takes a lot of eating to keep up this figure for a little baby...Tripp has a 7oz bottle for breakfast, followed by a serving of pre-mixed cereal/fruit meal, another 7oz bottle just before his nap, 1-2 servings of fruit or veggie after nap, another 7oz bottle before his afternoon nap, 1-2 servings of fruit or veggie and one last 7oz bottle before bedtime. We're trying to bulk him up for Auburn football tryouts for the Fall of 2029!

Much like his sister, he's a great sleeper. At first his day time naps were not so great...but they're much better now that he gets a bottle before nap time. This is totally against Baby Wise, which I followed for both my babies to get them on a good sleep schedule. Since Tripp has been sleeping through the night since he was 10 weeks old I figured it was okay for me to adjust the feeding schedule even if it goes against what they teach...but I still highly recommend it for new babies!

I guess next week I'll be posting about Tripp at 8 months...which I can't believe is almost here!

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Oh he is growing TOO fast!!