Monday, August 29, 2011

Pool Days

Summer is coming to a I thought I'd relive some of our summer days and announce something I've been holding in for a few weeks...


Do you want to know what's better than having a pool in your own back yard??? Having parent's with a pool in their back yard! We get full access without the maintenance...we love going to swim and I know Grammy loves having us. As our kids get older, my friends and I find it easier to pack up and head to my parents for the day. This past summer we managed a few more days than we did last year...and I think it will become even more frequent next summer.


I'm not sure where Ruth Ann picked up this pose...I promise it wasn't from me or Arch!


Tripp-man continues to be happy to float the afternoon away...unless it's close to feeding time...he'll let you know when it's time to feed the beast!

The Brown's joined us for some sliding & diving board fun...





Betsy easily jumped off the diving board more than any other child at the pool...and each time she wanted you to watch her perform what she felt would be a different jumping trick...however, each look the same...but we let her know how much we enjoyed each of her unique tricks!

And don't think for one minute that the momma's didn't join in on the fun...


Sally showed off moves I haven't attempted since my teen years...and here's Brantley holding her MIDDLE child on the sliding board...


And if you know Brantley then you've also realized this is the BIG NEWS! When I loaded these pictures a few weeks ago I knew this would be how I would announce on the blog that the Clark's had allowed the children to out number them with the addition of #3! Did you think I was crazy enough to have another??? 3 McCarty kids will be all our household can handle! I'm about as excited to hear the gender of Clark #3 as I was to find out the gender of my own babies...I take that back, I may be more excited! Brantley and Graem do have cute baby boys...but I'm curious to see what a girl would look like and to see Graem with a baby girl in his life! Congrats to the Clarks!!

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Brantley said...

Oh goodness! It goes without saying that I can't wait to find out either!! Trying not to think about it too much -- easier said than done!! PS -- that picture of Sal is impressive!!! Betsy will be doing that next summer!!

The 1st of May said...

LOVE the action shots! Send me your Flicker access...I need those for sure! They are GREAT!