Monday, August 22, 2011

A piece of Paradise

For some, beach vacations mean staying in massive mc-mansions with all the bells and whistles.


No offense to this house...or anyone who rents it...I really don't know anything about this house in just happened to be across the street from the little piece of Paradise that we like to rent...


Nothing fancy...very beachy and in Arch's opinion the best part is...

To which his boat was docked to all week long.

My favorite part...

The pool!

To say we love this house is a HUGE understatement. We got a referral from some friends a few years ago to try this house out and we've been in serious love with it ever since. We rented it 2 summers in a row and then took 2 summers off to visit a mouse living in the central Florida area and to try out a Disney resort at Hilton Head. We decided to re-visit again this year...and we're signed up for next year too.

I've got tons of beach pics to post but this past week I've been busy tagging clothes for my first consignment sale. Those are all finally out the door and will hopefully find new homes this week which means money in my pocket! I have hopes of posting more this week...but football season is approaching and I have some orange and blue outfits to finish for my children so that may be monopolizing my time this week! Fall & football season has snuck up on me...but my children MUST be in orange and blue every week to cheer on the DEFENDING NATIONAL CHAMPS!! WAR EAGLE!

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