Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New Year, New School

Last Spring I cried when we said goodbye to Ruth Ann's pre-school teachers. I had tears because Ruth Ann had finished her first year of pre-school & I simply can't except that my baby girl is growing up...I had tears because I just loved her sweet teachers and I couldn't bare the thought of not seeing them every week...and I had tears because I knew we were leaving our school and all the friends we had made behind to start a new school in the Fall. Ruth Ann had been going to school just one day a week and I knew I wanted her to go a few more days a week the next school year. Unfortunately the school she was attending didn't allow for drop offs until 8:30 which is the exact time I need to be at work. It's also in the opposite direction of work for both me and for Arch. I'm blessed with free childcare so I didn't want to inconvenience my in-laws but asking them to get out into to what is some pretty awful traffic just to drop Ruth Ann off in the morning. So I decided to switch schools this year. She's going to a really fantastic school that has had a day school for 45 years. Spencer, my niece and nephew have all been through this program so I know it's great. It's also less than a mile from my in-laws and they don't even have to get onto a major road to go pick her up. They also offer early drop off so I get to take her every morning...that was what sealed the deal.

Today was the first day...and she was ready to get to her new school to make new friends!


I'm going to be looking at this picture for years and wonder why I didn't pull her pants leg down...oh well, we were in a rush this morning!



Just a few picture's to keep the blog honest!


Does this picture make anyone else cry just a little...I can't believe my baby girl looks so grown up!


Oh sweet girl, I wish you the best school year yet! You were so excited to start school in this picture...but minutes later you were crying when I had to leave you in your class. At lunch you told me you wanted to go back tomorrow but you weren't going to cry...let's hope! You're the sassiest sweetest and smartest little girl I know & I know you'll have a great year. I can't wait to hear about all the things you're going to learn and the friends you're going to make!

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