Friday, February 17, 2012

3rd Time is the Charm

A few weeks ago a few friends got together to celebrate the arrival of the 3rd member of a group I like to refer to as "The Clark Boys" and in my head I hear the voice of the narrator from The Dukes of Hazard saying those words...Brantley found out several months ago that her #3 was going to be a boy and I know no better person to raise 3 Southern Gentlemen than Brantley!

Because Duncan will be #3, we didn't want to leave him out of the baby shower experience, but also wanted to do something a little different.  Let's face it, if you've already done the shower games once, no one really wants to go through the humiliation of having everyone guess your belly circumference again.  However, one constant among all pregnancies is a love for something sweet.  So we invited a group of Brantley's friends downtown for some delicious desserts.



Looking at all the sweet little tiny baby clothes almost made me want a 3rd...but managing 3 children is only for the strongest of women...and I'm perfectly proud to say I'm not one of them. It's funny how you have a peace once you've had your last baby and you know all the way down to your very core that you're finished...that's how I feel, I'm finished, no doubt in my mind. But I'm looking forward to holding Brantley's 3rd little guy when he wears this outfit I made him...


We had such a fun time and I hope everyone enjoyed themselves because the hostesses really enjoyed seeing everyone there. Brantley gave us a list of names and all but 2 people couldn't make is in college out of town and the other got sick at the last minute.It says a lot about what Brantley means to her friends that she would have such a great turn out...but if you know Brantley you already know she's a pretty special friend and completely understand why everyone would want to celebrate with her!


On a complete side note...I look exhausted and really need to find something to do with my hair...any suggestions?

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Brantley said...

It was so much fun, yall are the best!! You are more than welcome to borrow any of my 3 whenever you start thinking about having a third! :) And you look great -- I think we should have taken the group picture before the party, not afterwards at almost 10:00 PM!