Friday, February 17, 2012

Month 11 & 12

Although I never got around to posting Tripp's 11 & 12 month pictures...I did actually take a few...although neither were on the actual day of his monthly birthday...but he basically looked the same when I took the pictures, but we'll keep that a secret from this sweet boy just in case!


These pictures got harder and harder to take because Tripp was on the 11 months he was still just a crawler, but he was an expert crawler. Both my babies mastered a fast and very coordinated crawl and once Tripp got a taste of mobility there was no looking back. By this age Ruth Ann was doing a lot of signing thanks to the Baby Signing Time videos...but this fellow has zero interest in watching the TV because it requires you to sit still...and still he is not. I'm not quite sure how he has hung on to these chunky legs for so long because he really doesn't stop moving. But I love those chunky legs so they can hang around as long as they would like!


At 12 months Tripp was still a proud member of the crawling community. But the blurry foot in the picture is appropriate because he was still rarely ever still. In fact, most of my pictures from this day looked like this...


Crawling away...but oh my goodness how I love those sweet lips! He's just the cutest baby boy I've ever seen...and I'm 100% bias!  And that rooster tail on the top of his head...trademark McCarty hair...his daddy's hair has the same look!

At 12 months he was trying to become a master manipulator when it comes to his momma & trying to get what he wants...but he hasn't learned yet just how tough his momma actually a face like this, as sad as it may be to the average person, gets very little reaction from me...except to take a picture...


I wanted to schedule Tripp's 1 year professional pictures once he was standing up unsupported...but at 12 months old I thought he wasn't even close. I decided to schedule them for mid February and hope he was standing. Ruth Ann could stand at 12 months, but she was 14 months before she took a step. Since Tripp still wasn't even standing at 12 months I figured walking was months away...and then out of no where he decided he wanted to stand and walk all in a few days time. He's still not 100% walking...he'll resort back to a crawl occasionally. But I'd say he's walking at least 75% of the what Arch calls a Fred Samford really is very cute to see him toddling around the house...but a little said that he's officially not a baby anymore. Here he is standing in all his long-all glory...but he wasn't very happy about it...


Although Tripp points at every picture in our house and says "Da" or "Daddy"...he really loves his momma. And because of this I see a lot of the top of this little head at my feet on a pretty regular basis...can you tell by this picture he's not happy that I'm not willing to scoop him up right away??


Where has they year gone? I can't believe 12 whole 13 months as I'm typing this...have passed by. I'm going to work on a collage of all 12 months, but it may take me some time...and I'll probably cry the whole time thinking about my last baby no longer being a baby and how before I know it he'll be packing his bags for college...someone quick, pass me a tissue!

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