Friday, February 17, 2012



About a year ago, my mom got Ruth Ann some of her first jig saw puzzles. They were just 12 piece puzzles and since she was only 2 years old I thought they were too advanced for her. But she and Arch would sit on the floor and work on the puzzles together at bed time and before long she was doing the puzzles all on her own. For Christmas she got a few 24 piece and 48 piece puzzles. She mastered the 24 piece puzzles quickly but I thought the 48 piece puzzles would challenge her for a while...I was wrong...



Sometimes she gets frustrated and says she can't do it...but if Arch or I offer her help she refuses it and says "I can do it myself!". As much as I hate hearing her sass back to either of us, I do love seeing her independence and am proud of her when she does end up doing it all by herself. We have a few cheap card board puzzles that I've picked up to give her something new to work on...but if you want to invest in some good puzzles that last, the wooden puzzles are a little bit more expensive but totally worth it...I need to find some new ones to keep this girl challenged!

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The 1st of May said...

I've seen her in action! She is AWESOME at puzzles!!!