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A few posts ago I mentioned Tripp's 1 year pictures were coming up and I had postponed them about a month following his actually birthday because I wanted him standing in the pictures...that was my only wish for these get a good picture of him standing. Why...because when I try to take a picture of him standing at home he melts into a puddle of tears and only wants to walk to me instead of standing picture perfect still.

A few of my friends have witnessed the miracles my photographer of choice, Heidi, is able to perform. I usually leave in complete awe of what she had been able to get my children to do and it always takes me weeks...sometimes months...of looking over my pictures hundreds of times because I really just want to keep all of them!

So, I loaded up Tripp-man a week ago and took 2 outfits for the session along with a little cake from Publix...which when I picked up was a complete disaster...I had to buy icing, scrape the mess the Publix professional decorator had left me with and then I redecorated it myself. In the future I'll be calling my talent cake decorating friend, Brantley! Anyway, we got started with the fanciest of outfits first...smocking, knee socks, white leather shoes...he was PRECIOUS, but he was starting to get a little teary and a little clingy so I thought we might be headed for a melt down. But I got him where Heidi wanted him and she started getting some really sweet pictures that I can hardly wait to see. Heidi asked along the way if I thought he would hold up on finger like he was telling the world he was one. We haven't practiced this AT ALL so I said no, there was now way. Clearly I had forgotten I was working with the "Baby Whisperer". I changed him into the next outfit suitable for messy cake pictures and she started snapping away again. Tripp didn't get into eating his cake at his party so I wasn't surprised I was begging him to his cake today either...I'm still following the South Beach diet and wanted nothing more than to bury myown face in this cake...had I not been present and very much awake during my labor and delivery I might have questioned if he was actually mine. Anyway, Heidi was behind the camera working her magic and getting Tripp to be even more precious than his own momma ever thought possible and suddenly she gets this picture...I stole it from her blog...I hope you don't mind that I'm using it Heidi...


Here is Tripp, looking precious, smiling proudly so you can see all 4 of those sweet little teeth and holding up one little finger...just like Ms. Heidi asked him...amazing! I can barely get my children to look at the camera and smile at the same time...but perhaps it's Heidi's sweet smile and pleasant tone of voice versus my screaming like a a crazy woman to "JUST SMILE! JUST LOOK AT THE CAMERA!"...or maybe it's Heidi's mad photography skills!

I'm hostessing a photography party with Heidi in March and it filled up quickly. But if you live in the Columbia area and want some sweet pictures I highly recommend you check out

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The 1st of May said...

Amen to that! She is AMAZING!!! I look at my pics from her ALL the time and think..."How did she DO it?"

LOVE this pic of Tripp!!!

I know some of my worst "Mommy moments" have been behind the camera...pleading, begging, yelling, threatening (even a pinch out of frustration one time!)...So much so that I've resorted to mostly candid shots to protect my sanity.

Thank goodness I can go to Heidi and she can capture their sweetness for me! She truly has a GIFT!