Monday, January 30, 2012

Birthday Party Time


So, someone at our house had a birthday...30 days ago, and his ultra-slack momma is just now getting around to posting about it. Actually, we celebrated his birthday on January 7, so I'm only 23 days late. Lately I've been in love with a light blue and red color combination. I'm not sure why, but most of the things I've made for Tripp and Ruth Ann lately have been red and some shade of blue...I think because it's gender neutral and if I can't dress my children identically and least they can match on occasion. Because to this recent obsession, Tripp got a light blue and red birthday real theme. The theme I was going for was "Low Key". Ruth Ann had a massive 1st birthday party and since her birthday is also a winter birthday no one really went outside because it was too cold. We may have made Tripp's guest list much shorter, but the day of the party ended up being one of the prettiest days we've had this month. Our weather here has been unusually warm for the month of January (60-ish) but on the day of the party it got up into the mid 70's! It was's probably the best weather Tripp will ever see on his January birthday and unfortunately he's too young to remember it. Anyway, I kept it very simple this year...5 families, pizza, cake and ice cream...this may have been the most successful party we've had to date because Arch and I both kept talking about how much fun we both had...and for me it's been hard to have fun and relax at my own child's party in the past.



Some of our favorite friends came over and we did a lot of playing outside before the party on the playground Santa's elves help build Ruth Ann and Tripp for Christmas...





And I love this picture of Mason...who doesn't realize just how tall he actually has's funny to me because as a tall person, I often forget how tall I am too...until I look at pictures with friends and I'm towering over them. Mason comes from a long line of tall men...he may end up feeling the same one day...


I feel like we were all just at his first birthday and now he's busting out of the Little Tikes car!

And the resident drama queen of the McCarty house hold had a little bit of a melt down. Tripp's birthday was a bit hard for this big sister...thankfully both of her grandmother's were there to give her a little attention when she needed it she is crying about who knows what to Arch's mom...


And you can tell by the look extreme sympathy on my mother-in-laws face she was getting the exact reaction she wanted!

But that didn't stop this birthday boy from enjoying his day...


Then it was time for pizza and cake. Tripp didn't dig into his cake and make huge mess like all mom's love to see on 1st birthdays...I blame myself. Every time his hands get too dirty while eating I'm close by wiping his hands clean...Ruth Ann also now hates getting her hands dirty so clearly the nurture of a child can cause OCD tendencies.



He had an outfit change and played a little more to work off his sugar high...



But all good parties come to an least for the 1 year old birthday boy.


And he napped all afternoon...his own little birthday gift to his momma and daddy!

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