Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A few of my little boy favorites

When I was pregnant with Ruth Ann and found out she was a little girl my mind began to race with thoughts of smocked dresses, monograms and all things pink. When I found out Tripp was a baby boy initially I didn't have the same experience...but as time went by there were a few boy things I started looking forward to...


Red Keds...LOVE them!! Tripp may be wearing these until I can no longer find his size or he starts buying shoes for himself...which ever comes first!


Smocked Jon-Jon's or Long Alls...I'm also a big fan of one piece bubble and that was basically what Tripp was in last summer if he wasn't in a onsie, but this summer will be the summer of the Jon-Jon. Love them, can't get enough of them and I don't care if other people think they're for babies because this little boy is MY little baby and I'll dress him like this until he asks me to stop...or I go blind from smocking & sewing them, again, which ever come first!


I found this pattern when I first start picture smocking before Ruth Ann was born. I had always wanted to buy it and when I found out Tripp was on his way it was one of the first boy patterns I bought. I think he'll have a pair of Long Alls every year with this pattern.

Although I may not have had the same long list of tangible things to look forward to, I had something much more special to look forward to experiencing.  Once I started telling others I was having a boy I started hearing from other mothers of baby boys (who also had a daughter) what a different kind of love I could look forward to feeling for my baby boy. Although Ruth Ann and I will always share a special and unique bond as mother and daughter, I was told what I would feel for Tripp would be a whole different kind of love...not stronger, just different.  When they handed me that sweet boy I knew in that second everyone had been right. This week another blogger wrote about her feelings after having her baby boy recently and she describes it perfectly...visit The Storywood.

I just ask that when you see Tripp when he is 10 years old that you not laugh at my sweet boy wearing his red keds and smocked jon-jon...know that it's all his momma's fault!

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Candi said...

I absolutely love the keds. I will tell you that I too have found a love for the converse for Landon. I hope that I was one of the ones telling you of that special love. I am already tearing up and having huge anxiety as my baby will go to Kindergarten next year.