Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Gap, why are you failing me??

I'm a long time shopper of The Gap. I remember when it first opened in Columbia, how I begged my mom for my first pair of over priced Gap jeans, and how I loved those jeans and wanted to wear them every day. The Gap never let me down when I needed cute new school clothes or in college if I needed a little treat for myself...but somewhere in the last 10 years The Gap has taken a turn for the worse. Because I've also enjoyed Banana Republic in the past...another store I also feel is starting to fail me...I have had a Luxe Banana Republic card for many years and with that I often get great coupons from it's sister store, The Gap. I usually use these coupons and any rewards I get back from my Luxe card on my kids pjs at Gap Kids because I can never find anything for myself that I'm even remotely interested in. Today I have a 35% off coupon and I have some reward dollars so I headed over to The Gap website to see what I could find...this is what I stumbled upon...

denim jumper

Seriously??!! If you're reading this and thinking "Gosh, I've been searching for a denim one piece jumpsuit for ages!"...then I'm sorry, you and I just can't be friends. I don't know what is going on at The Gap...I'm not sure how I would react if I saw someone wearing this is real life or if I ever showed up wearing this to work...I think they might send me home for a "mental health day" because clearly I would be out of my mind to be wearing this! I miss The Gap from 15 years ago...does that make me old?

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Brantley said...

Thanks for the laugh!! I'm no fashionista...but I certainly miss the Gap of my high school and college years...back when they were the source for all clothes with the perfect blend of casual & preppy!!

Heidi said...

LOL! Imagine what you have to do, just to go potty!