Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Birthday America & Jay Brown!

This weekend we celebrated the birth of our nation and one of our very good friends...Jay Brown. Here's a recap of our activities...

I really enjoy my job. I love the flexibility it offers but what I love the most are the relationships I get to make with my patients and their families. I begin to feel like I'm one of their friends and get to know a lot of the ins and outs of their families. I have one patient who I always love to see on my schedule. I'll call her Mrs. D since she hasn't technically given me permission to talk about her and because of HIPPA...thank you Clinton administration...I could be sued by mentioning that she is a patient in my office...Anyway, I love Mrs. D. When I got married she bought me a platter from my china pattern and when she found out I was having a baby girl she promptly told me she LOVED buying gifts for girls. Shortly after I returned to work Mrs. D made an appointment to see me and brought Ruth Ann a Beatrix Potter cup, bowl and plate set. I'm planning on sending her a thank you note with this picture...




Then on Friday Grammy stopped by and invited us to her house to go swimming and to spend the night. Since Grumpy was camping with my Uncle JR we decided to have a slumber party with Grammy. Ruth Ann snuggled up with Grammy and passed out...


Then Saturday...the 4th of July...we woke up and met Daddy, Spencer, and the rest of the McCarty's at the lake house. First Ruth Ann chatted a little with her Daddy...


Then she posed for a picture with Spencer and her cousins Madison & Ethan. I know I'm partial, but these are some good lookin' kiddos...


We didn't stay out of the water long. Spencer, Madison and Ethan took turns showing off their best cannon balls...Ruth Ann watched from her tube...


After an afternoon nap we headed to the Brown's for Jay's 3rd birthday. Jay was the first baby in our group of friends and I can't believe 3 years have passed since we saw him in the hospital. Here's the birthday boy...wearing the Lightening McQueen shirt we gave him...with Spencer.


Since Jay's birthday is obviously the 4th of July, it was requested we wear red, white and blue...




Brantley's cousin Sydney came to celebrate Jay's b-day and brought her boyfriend Jimmy...aren't they a cute couple?


But there was someone else who had her eye on Jimmy...I've told Sydney she has nothing to worry about since Ruth Ann can't date for at least 16 years!


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