Saturday, July 18, 2009

Here's what Ruth Ann and I have been up to...

Ruth Ann was introduced to yet another new food this past week...puffs. Although the container says the child must be able to crawl to eat these...why, I'm not sure...they melt in your mouth so I don't think they're a choking we ignored that suggestion and here's what happened...

I laid out a pile in front of Ruth Ann while she was in her high chair...


Then she put as many of them as she could comfortably fit into her chubby little hand...


She figured out where they needed to go & seemed to enjoy them.


Later Ruth Ann had her bath and I realized it had been a while since we had taken bath time pictures so I ran to grap my camera...another new hair do...


After bath time we played a little on the changing this what it would be like to have twins??


Ruth Ann has been dying to grap the assorted bottles and lotions at the end of her changing table...tonight she managed to get to them...


So that's what Ruth Ann has been up to...I've been getting crafty...I've been making burb clothes for friends for the last 2 years. Over time they've gotten more and more detailed. This is my favorite so far, but what southern girl doesn't love sersucker??


And who is this "Roper" who received this very cute burp cloth?? Meet Roper Henry Clark, the newest addition to the Clark family. FYI...I think he looks like his mommma...


I've also been hard at work finishing this bishop dress for Ruth Ann. I learned how to smock while I was in college and took a bishop construction class before I found out I was pregnant with Ruth Ann, but this is the first dress that I can claim to have sewn every stich from start to finish. It still needs buttons...that's why there's no picture of the back...and the hem isn't finished...that's why you can't see the bottom either...but it's basically finished. Isn't it cute! Also, for those of you who don't understand why smocked clothing comes with a hefty price tag you've obviously never smocked or sewed...there's a lot of work involved!



And finally...I've been appliquing...this is my favorite shirt so far. Sorry Carolina nation, you're not going to like it at all, but to all my Auburn and Clemson friends, if you get the t-shirt of your choice to me I'll be happy to make one for your little one for $15. I can't wait to get Ruth Ann into this shirt this fall!


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The Howell family said...

the dress looks so good! Almost makes me want to learn more. I love the applique also-so cute!

Taylor family: Tim, Becky, Tabitha said...

You did a BEAUTIFUL job on that dress! And, I think the tiger applique is really cute too!----Just can't picture a "chicken" applique.

Becky & Tabitha

Brantley said...

We love the burp cloths! Thanks so much -- they are almost too cute to use! Maybe I can teach Roper to only spit up on the edges. Also, I love the picture you took of him -- you'll have to e-mail it to me. And great job on the dress! I'm so impressed with your skills!