Saturday, July 18, 2009

Summer time

It's so nice to have a lazy weekend without any plans. My mom called friday to find out what Ruth Ann & I...but mostly Ruth Ann...had planned for saturday because she had not seen her all week. Why come to my house...there's nothing fun here...I told her we would come out to the pool. I love how Ruth Ann is so relaxed in the water. We would put her in her float and she would kick back and relax...I tried to get a picture of her lounging in her seat, but she kept sitting up when I had the camera out...of course!



Then we got out of the pool & dried off before heading inside. Ruth Ann entertained us with her constant chatter.



I've told some of you about my parent's tomato tree. When I was little and we still lived in a neighborhood my dad would plant a modest garden...mostly cucumbers and tomotoes. I think this may have been where my love (read obsession) with tomatoes may have begun. If you've ever eaten dinner with me and I've ordered a salad you've heard me request extra tomatoes...I LOVE a may be my favorite thing about summer in South Carolina. To me summer is in full swing when the tomato plants start to turn red...yummm...Anyway, once my parents moved to their current house my daddy's garden grew...most of the time (read all of the time) it was way more produce than we needed...however, you can never have too many tomatoes! This year my daddy was too preoccupied with other hobbies to grow a garden, so my parents decided to order a tomato tree after watching an's been a big success and I'm planning on getting one for next year. They grew regular sized tomatoes and cherry tomatoes. FYI for those considering one for next takes A LOT of water...2 gallons of water per are the fruits of my moms labor...





Overall the McCarty's are all having a pretty great's hard to believe we're half way through the summer...but that means one season is right around the corner!!

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