Friday, July 24, 2009

My Wedding Dress

After I started my blog I myself became a "blog stalker"...I openly admit I'm addicted to viewing any and every blog. One of my favorites to stalk is Kelly's Korner...a few weeks ago she invited everyone to show off their homes & most of you who have been to my home know I have a lot of things planned for this house, but little accomplished, so I passed on the invite to show of the McCarty family living quarters. However, my eyes lit up when she invited us to show off our wedding dress!! For those who knew my during my wedding planning you know I LOVED every minute of the 10 months it took to plan my wedding...scratch that, I'd been planning my wedding since I was 4 years old, it just took 10 months to get everything purchased and in place. Shopping for my wedding dress was by far my favorite memory of all the wedding planning. We planned a weekend long trip to Atlanta where my best friends Andrea Webster and Amanda Newman drove up to meet me and my mom and one of her friends (who graciously let us stay at her home just north of Atlanta) for a day of shopping down Peachtree. I had already done some (read A LOT) of research about where I wanted to go. We started with Saks because Andrea had purchased her dress at the Saks in Birmingham and I knew how special they made you feel. My dress consultant (Yolanda) listened to what I had to say and the dress I ultimately purchased was the 1st dress I tried other dress compared to it all day long...Yolanda knew what she was doing. It was a beautiful silk matelasse stapless dress by Carolina Herrera...the first and last designer gown I'll probably ever own!

This was my wedding portrait...taken at the Sheldon Church ruins near Beaufort, SC. This church was built prior to the Revolutionary War, destroyed by fire, rebuilt, destroyed by fire during the Civil War and never rebuilt. I visited these ruins as a senior in high school and came home telling my mom this was where I wanted my wedding portrait taken...I told you details were decided years before the wedding was in sight.


This was my wedding announcement picture for the newspaper...I love this picture because I look so skinny and my belly is flat!


Let's not forget about was his wedding day too. Yeah right, I still refer to the wedding as "MY" wedding, even when I'm talking to him.


And here is my Daddy just before we walked into the church. For those who know my Daddy you know he's a grouchy man...that's why I'm having Ruth Ann refer to him as "Grumpy"...that's why I love this picture. My photographer totally caught him on the edge of tears and it's probably one of the few times I've seen him cry.


I can't wait to plan Ruth Ann's wedding...but I'm in no rush to have to pay for that day! Next week is wedding party's & flowers...I can't wait because I loved my bridesmaid dresses too!

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Julie said...

I love that you call yourself a "blog stalker" because I'm the same way! Your wedding pictures are beautiful!