Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Wedding Party and Flowers

For all my beautiful bride's maids who check out the blog, I warned you last week that I am participating in some fun over at Kelly's Korner ...last week I showed off my wedding dress...this week it's your turn are my bride's maid dresses/wedding party and flowers...two more pieces of my wedding day that I LOVED!

None of my bride's maids were actually "maids"...they were all married when they were in my wedding so I think that technically makes them matrons...anyway, I had been in each of there weddings (expect for one) plus a few other weddings, so when I started picking out my dress I had some experience at wearing a bride's maid dress myself. My top priorities were comfort & a flattering dress style, so I began looking for dresses on my favorite wedding I loved this Jenny Yoo dress as soon as I saw it. I knew I wanted bright green dresses...I thought it was fun and perfect for my May I ordered swatches, had a sample dress mailed to my house and found out where I could purchases these dresses. What do you know, they had a boutique in Atlanta less than a mile from where I had purchased my dress. So one weekend when Arch and I were on our way to Auburn for a football game I made him stop in Atlanta and I dragged him to this store for me to place my deposit for these dresses. We paid for 1/2 the cost of the dresses as part of a series of gifts my bride's maids would receive over the weekend of the wedding. These were such flattering dresses on each and everyone of my bride's maids...but they are all beautiful girls anyway, so they would have looked fantastic in anything!

Arch's only request for the wedding was that he be able to wear his own clothes...he didn't want to rent a tux. I agreed since he asked for so very little and didn't stand in my way on any other wedding planning decisions. We had all the guys buy the same dark blue suit which they ultimately all loved because the suit wasn't much more than a tux rental and they got to keep the suit forever...leave it to my husband to be practical! We gave the groom's men Vineyard Vines ties with tiny little fish on them as their groom's gift...another hit since most all have enjoyed fishing with Arch over the years.


These flip flops were another gift to my bride's maids. They were Kate Spade sandals that my mom and I paid next to nothing for at a Day After Christmas Sale at Belk's. They were perfect and with comfort being important to me they made the reception much more comfortable for these ladies!


I'd like to take credit for my idea with my flowers, but my mom and I actually stole the idea from a wedding we had been to the year before. All of my bride's maids carried different bouquets and then my flowers and the flowers in the church and at the reception were a mix of these same flowers. I loved my bouquet so much I had it pressed and framed and now it hangs in our bedroom. I get to look at my actual wedding flowers every morning when I wake up.


We were not allowed to throw rose petals in the church, so my flower girls held these flower balls.


I'm having so much fun reliving my wedding day! I hope you are all enjoying the memories too...or if you weren't there I hope you're enjoying seeing what my big day was like. Next week is the reception and honeymoon...which will be G-rate I promise!

Ruth Ann and I are at the beach visiting my friend Page for some much needed time in the sun. Page's mom has very generously offered to watch Ruth Ann so Page and I can have some big girl time on the beach...a priceless gift! I'll be sure to post our beach pictures very soon...a lot of outfits were pack for some serious photo time on the beach!

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Natalia said...

We did a little flower ball for my niece too, and I loved it! She felt like one of the "big girls" that got to hold bouquets :)

Ashley said...

I love the colors from your wedding!
The flower balls were a great idea and beautiful!
Thanks for giving us a peak into your wedding day!

Claire said...

So pretty! I adore the flipflops!


Aggie said...

Just visitng from Kellys Korner

I love all of your flowers! And I love that you still have them in a frame. I wish that I had done that.