Tuesday, August 4, 2009

8 months old

I keep asking myself "Really?"..."Seriously?"..."Are you sure?"...how can I already have an 8 month old child?? She just got here, how have the last 8 months gone by so quickly?? Ruth Ann celebrated her 8 month birthday in style...hanging out on the beach in Myrtle Beach with Ms. Page.

My family LOVES to go to the beach...but this year our annual beach trip was replaced with a trip to Disney. However, because my mom knows how much we enjoy spending the day on the beach she purchased what was described by Eddie Bauer as a baby sunshade for Ruth Ann last Christmas. But when it came time to wrap gifts my mom couldn't find the sunshade anywhere...which isn't surprising when you see how many gifts she puts under her tree each year. Anyway, she started thinking about it and thought perhaps my dad had stumbled across it and thought it belonged in his camping gear...which also isn't surprising when you see how much camping paraphernalia my dad owns. So there it was amongst all my dad's camping gear and what a laugh we had at the thought of my dad getting up into the mountains and opening this bag to find a teeny tiny baby sunshade...oh, but the last laugh was on me...what I had imagined as a tiny sunshade with fairly simple assembly turned out to be this...


Thank goodness I'm a highly educated Auburn grad...and there was a kind man on the beach next to us. We were able to assemble the tent and Page & I ended up huddling under the tent with Ruth Ann when we got caught on the beach during a 5 minute down pour. In the end it's probably best that we have a two man tent for the beach instead of a baby tent...we'll be able to use this tent for years and years to come.

Because I don't believe Ruth Ann has enough cute bathing suits, I got this diaper cover just before we left for the beach from Land's End. Is was so cute & on clearance so I thought it was perfect for our beach trip!


Page has a love for animals much like myself. She has a boxer named Belle who was so sweet to Ruth Ann...our dogs don't sit this close to Ruth Ann for very long...Belle didn't know any better.



On Saturday afternoon I loaded up Ruth Ann, several outfits and my camera and headed out to the beach for some quick photos. In the future I'll remember to keep my camera outside for hours before going out to the beach for photos because I spend most of the brief time we spend out there battling fog on my camera lens. Here's some of the better shots I got...



What a mess to take pictures on the beach with a very grabby girl! She was covered in sand! So we went back to Page's house for a quick bath and then I went outside of her house to take pictures by the pond in her front yard...



Some shots were cute...other's were cute in their own way...


Our doctor has told us a little yard grass should be considered a fiber...good thing because everything ends up in her mouth these days!

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Carter said...

too funny ... savannah had the exact same diaper cover and exact same babygap white eyelet dress! looks like yall had a blast at the beach!