Sunday, August 23, 2009

Pool Party!

This past weekend my friends and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary for our monthly supper club. We started at Chez McCarty last August and our turn was up again this August. To celebrate I requested it be an "Adult Only" event, so the youngest McCarty (Ruth Ann) was shipped off to Grammy's house...which Grammy was 100% in favor of. Since I was going to have to venture into the country to pick up Ruth Ann on saturday I invited my friends along to spend the afternoon at the pool with us. To date this is the largest pool party we've had...the pool was filled with kiddos!

Here are the highlights...


Regan and Kennedy came over to visit with Ruth Ann and cool off in the pool. These were the first baby girls in my life and it means a lot to see them with my most current baby girl. I've wiped all three of these behinds!

The Brown's continued to enjoy the slide...this time all three of the Brown's headed down the slide.


First Jay showed Betsy how it was done...then it was all we could do to keep Betsy off the slide. For those that don't know Besty personally let me tell you that she is quite the dare devil. Besty's nickname amongst the adults was & continues to be "Betsy Bad Ass" or "Betsy BA" when little ears are listening. She is fearless...and here's the proof...



Jay and Betsy had SO much fun in the water. It makes me look forward to the days when Ruth Ann and Ada are their ages and really enjoy the water.



Then my dad came home and told Jay he should come down the slide with his hands in the air...


He hit his head coming down the slide...still kept his hands up...and hit the water so hard it knock one of his swimmies off...and came out of the water with a smile...he's such a trooper!

But because of the traumatic event he wanted Sally to join him the next time he went down the slide...their ride down the slide was just as wild!


Then we got out of the pool to dry off and enjoy some popsicles. When Adam and I were little my mom kept these in the deep freeze outside for us to eat when ever we wanted. Nothing says summer to me like a Chilly Willy!



If you know Roper Clark or if you check out the Clark's Blog you know that Roper spends much of his day was no different. He made it very easy for his mom to enjoy lounging in the pool.


With football games and talks of the upcoming SEC season it means the lazy days of summer will soon come to an end...we're getting the most out of these last days and I hope everyone else is enjoying their final summer days of 2009.

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