Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A week of accomplishments

There have been several monumental accomplishments during this past week in the McCarty house. The McCarty's kids are making big moves...

First, Spencer started HIGH SCHOOL this week. I can barely believe it...he was 8 years old when Arch and I met and I turn around almost 7 years later & he's a 9th grader!! Lately I've been feeling like time is moving way too quickly and Spencer starting high school today is yet another reminder to me that time is flying by right before my eyes. Here's BC High School newest's been over 20 years since a McCarty graced the grounds of BC...I hope Spencer enjoys his days there as much as his dad did.


The other mover and shaker in the house is finally an actual mover...Ruth Ann has been snipper crawling for a few weeks and getting herself up on all 4 for a week or two...this week she put it all together and started moving. She's a little hard to get a picture of in action...this is the best I could do...


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Brantley said...

I love your new blog layout! It is like getting a new dress! :)