Saturday, August 8, 2009

A day at the pool

Last week my friend Sally pointed out to me that we have not taken advantage of my mom's pool nearly enough this a trip was planned and off we went to Grammy's pool today. It's way too hot here...upper 90's all week...but it felt great in the water!

I bought Ruth Ann these sunglasses months ago after my mom learned from reading an article that many eye problems we have as adults begin when we're children when our eyes are exposed to the sun...however, they were way to big for her tiny little head. I ran across them while I was getting her ready this afternoon, so we brought them with us to Grammy's...these two look like they we're made to lounge in the pool...


Jay by far had the most fun today. His sister Betsy had been to the pool a few weeks ago, but this was his first trip. His grandparents have a pool too, so he's no stranger to the water. He arrived and slowly walked around the edge of the pool taking it all in...although his grandparents have a diving board, they don't have a slide...he was ready to master the slide in no time. His mom thought it best if they go for Sally and Jay!




But Jay didn't stop at the sliding board...oh no, he showed off his moves on the diving board too. Next time I'll ask my dad to move the camper so it's not in the parent's obviously have lots of hobbies.



Hands down the best picture of the day...


Doesn't this make you want to put your bathing suit on and go swimming! I hope everyone is enjoying their summer half as much as Jay is enjoying his!

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