Sunday, July 26, 2009

Life's a party

This past week we have been partying!! Our friend Justin Brown turned the big 3-0 this past week so while Sally treated her hubby to birthday dinner we kept Jay and Betsy at our house. These two are a complete delight so we enjoyed every minute of our evening with them. Spencer kept Jay entertained and Betsy and I baked cookies which she agreed were yummy to her tummy. I also talked to Jay about being Ruth Ann's boyfriend when she grew's how the conversation went...

me: Jay, will you be Ruth Ann's boy friend?
Jay: Yes.
me: Will you take her to the prom?
Jay: Yes, I'll have something I need to show her.
Arch: Hey now!

I love Jay's age (3 years old)...they say the funniest thing in the most innocent way! Here are all three of the "little" kids hanging out on the floor...Spencer didn't hop in the picture.


Ruth Ann and Betsy are the only girls (so far) in our group of friends. I have high hopes that these two will spent hours playing together when they're big girls.


We also had a welcome home party...for a long lost friend...kinda. At Christmas my mom bought Ruth Ann a kitty rattle that she LOVED, but unfortunately she dropped it while we were at EPCOT. Luckily Aunt Toni loves this girl and sent her a replacement. She loves the pig just as much as she did the kitty...thanks Aunt Toni!




Later in the week Sally had an adult only party to celebrate Justin's b-day, but I left my camera at home. Justin's sister is a professional photographer and I get intimated that she'll have her fabulous camera out and I'll look the fool. She wasn't there, so next time I'll have it waiting in the car just in case! Needless to pictures were taken, but a good time was had by all...I almost felt like I was in college again!

Since Justin's party was "adult only" Ruth Ann spent her first night with Grammy and Grumpy...I'm sure some partying was going on over there too! The next morning I picked up Ruth Ann bright and early and we went out to meet my friend Kate to celebrate her daughter Amelia's 2nd birthday.

Here's the birthday girl, Miss Amelia...



Ms. Kay, Kate's mom, saved the Fisher Price toys her kids played with as kids. These are great toys...Ruth Ann had so much fun playing with...and snacking on...these toys.




Amelia sat down to play with Ruth Ann for a few minutes. Seeing these two play together is very special to me, so I took a quick picture. Kate and I met when I was in the 3rd grade when her family moved to Lexington. Many of my childhood memories involve days at the lake with Kate, playing in her play room and hours of pretending! Kate was by far the most imaginative person I have ever known...I hope our girls have just as much fun together as we did.


Here's Amelia's new little sister, Natalie Jean...she slept peacefully the whole time we were there.


I also got a few cute pictures of Ruth Ann wearing one of my favorite outfits. While I was snapping these pictures I caught Ruth Ann in her new favorite pose...inches away from crawling...any day now she's going to take off!



Here's a find that I had to share. I bought this cute skirt at Walmart and put a monogram in the turned out so cute I bought 2 more for next summer. These skirts have built in shorts so they'll be perfect for playtime next year.



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The Howell family said...

awwww, me too :) Great pictures. I love the skirt! That monogram style is neat. Amelia looks very cute in her Clemson t-shirt-I love it! Sorry you had to miss out on lunch and cake. She'll be going all morning before you know it!