Sunday, March 20, 2011

Easter Preview

A few weeks ago I bought the cutest outfit for Tripp...Arch's disagrees that boys wear "outfits", but I think as long as he's a baby &/or in a diaper then the use of "outfit" is acceptable. I decided he would wear it in his 3 months pictures and then again for Easter. My mom bought Ruth Ann and Ada matching white dresses that will be great for pictures at the beach this summer and I had thought she could wear it for Easter too...but it's way too long and I was going to have to hem it. Then I started thinking I would like Tripp and Ruth Ann to match Easter off to the fabric store I's a preview of Ruth Ann's Easter dress 2011...




We're off to the shoe store this week to get our Easter shoes and socks...oh I love a new pair of white dress shoes on little girls!

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Brantley said...

Beautiful dress on a beautiful girl!