Friday, March 11, 2011

It's a tough job


I've been back in my real world...aka "work"...for 2 weeks. The first question I get asked by co-workers and patients is how Tripp is doing...the second question usually is how Ruth Ann is handling being a big sister. This is the first time in Ruth Ann's life where she and I share a common role...that of "Big Sister". She has taken to the role much better than I ever did. I was about 5 months older than Ruth Ann was when my little brother was born...not much different, but my mom tells stories of how hard I took the addition to our family. Ruth Ann has been a great big sister. She is always looking out for her little brother...if he cries, she comes to tell me & then goes on a hunt for his pacie & blanket. I've been calling him my "buggy"...but if she hears this she argues with me and tells me he is HER buggy! She loves laying on the floor with him or trying to push him in the swing and is dying to feed him a bottle. I love seeing how sweet she is with him and am happy she doesn't feel threatened by his presence in our house. The first 2 months have gone well...I just hope the next 18 years go half as smoothly!

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SUCH a cute picture! You need to send that one to Darby!