Wednesday, March 23, 2011


What?? Who me?? My friend and most favorite photographer, Heidi Graves, nominated me for this award that I am most honored to receive! As a receipiant of this award I am required to list 7 facts about myself...and after doing a little blog stalking of previous award winners I see I have to be a little creative, so here's my attempt at being creative...

1) My mom went on a date with Warren Beatty when she was a waitress in Cherokee, NC while in college...had he not been such a b-hole behaps I could have been Tara Elizabeth Beatty??? Probably not, I may look more like my mom's family than my daddy's, but I'm Becker through and through...I'm mean as a snake!

2) As much as I love the fact that I'm an Auburn Tiger & I wish I had grown up cheering for them on a weekly basis during the Fall...I never even stepped foot on the campus until my senior year in high school...Auburn wasn't even a school I had considered until the fall of 1996. But God had a plan for me...I was to be at Auburn for the 1996 Iron Bowl victory and my heart would forever belong to Auburn University. When I think about the friends & memories I made I can't imagen having gone to any other school...although I had a brief lapse of better judgement and almost transferred to Clemson...yuck...had that happened I may have never met and married Arch...then no Ruth Ann & Tripp...isn't it amazing how one random decision to visit a random college campus can forever change your life??? My children won't be denied the chance to grow up in the family of a football dynasty...they're Auburn Tigers whether they like it or not!

3) I have a serious children's clothing. I enjoying making it, buying it and one day I hope I'll be able to sell it too. My dream is to have a children's clothing store...if I open one, will you all promise to shop there??

4) I LOVE reality TV. My husband routinely makes fun of my love for all things reality...I can't get enough of any of The Real Housewives...but I remind him that all his hunting shows are "reality" TV too and that usually quites him for a day or two!

5) I have 2 of the cutest children alive...



At least I think so...and my mom probably agrees too. Ruth Ann is FULL of personality. I love how talkative she is ALL THE TIME! This girl doesn't stop talking from the time she gets up until the time she falls asleep! Tripp is babbling now and I wonder if he'll be able to get a word in to compete with his big sister!

6) I consider myself a loyal friend. When my brother passed away 2 years ago one of the things I said about him during the visitation with friends and family was that Adam was a loyal friend...if he considered you a friend he would do anything for questions asked. I think this must be a family trait because I like to think I would do the same for my friends. If you're a friend of mine...I'll laugh with you, cry with you, fight for you and defend questions asked.

7) And in honor the blogger who nominated me...I LOVE photography! When I was in college...and if you went to college with me you know this to be true...I was always the one with the camera. At the time it was just a small camera that took film...this was prior to the digital camera age, which saying that feels like decades ago. I've upgraded to a digital SLR camera and often take pictures of my children. I inherited this from my mom's mother (who Ruth Ann is named after) and love that my children will never be without a well documented & photographed account of their childhood. But I don't just love my random photographs...I believe you should have your children professionally photographed as newborns, and then at 3mths, 6mths, 9mths, 1yr and then perhaps annually until they graduate from high school??? I don't know how long we'll keep up with annual pictures, but I would not be surprised if we are making annual trips to Camden, SC to visit our favorite photographer, Heidi Graves , until Tripp-man heads off to Auburn in the Fall of  2029!  I hope Heidi plans on staying in business until then!

Hope you enjoyed all the random-ness this post had to offer.  I'm off to blow dry Ruth Ann's hair...what an exciting & stylish life I lead!

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