Friday, March 4, 2011


When Tripp was about 2 weeks old and I was in the middle of attempting to breast feed I was approached by a friend selling Girl Scout cookies for her daughter. Since I was basically starving all the time I decided to order a box or two...or NINE! Seriously, I ordered 9 boxes!! While waiting for my shipment of cookies to come in 3 things happened...1)I stopped breast feeding 2)I started gaining weight and 3)I started South Beach. So when my cookies came in I had a dilemma on my hands...what to do with the cookies?? I offered them to my mom...but she had purchased cookies of her own, so instead, she sold them for me to her co-workers. I did keep 2 boxes of shortbread cookies for Ruth Ann since they offer the least amount of mess for a toddler. Here she is enjoying her first Girl Scout cookie...


Here's the irony...this is the only cookie she would eat. I could eat a whole sleeve of shortbread cookies, but thanks to years of serious addiction to a carbohydrate, I can't. She could eat as many as she wants, yet this cookie was later found half eaten, discarded and forgotten. It's simply not fair.


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