Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A humbling experience

As many of you know...this is my daughter, Ruth Ann...


I love her with all my heart and would do anything for her...I would also buy anything for her...but there's one thing I'm sick and tired of buying for her and hope to never buy another one again...

About a year ago Ruth Ann started showing a mild interest in potty training and since I had a strong interest in removing diapers from my monthly list of things to buy I purchased a training potty and we started down the road to potty training. Had I known then what a long and stressful road this would be I would have never even encouraged her in the first place.

We started off on the right foot...she was going before bath time and on occasion a #2 was seen (I'm keeping it clean folks). Then she completely rejected the idea of sitting on the training potty. It was a fight of wills to get her to sit down, so I put the training potty away as to not completely traumatize her.

Then she turned 2 and then Tripp was born and now I'm buying diapers for 2 children on a monthly basis. We broke out the training seat for the big potty, I bought even better treats (Reese miniatures) and we bought little girl panties. No luck. She will go to the bathroom every time I take her...and that's about every 30 minutes...only to completely saturate her training panties 10 minutes later. I'm trying really hard not to completely loss what patience I have left with her...but I'm convinced she's doing this on purpose and spankings may be order real soon!

Here's the humbling part. In a lot of ways I feel like Ruth Ann is a genius...I know I'm her mom and therefore think she is the most fabulous little girl to have ever walked the face of the Earth...besides myself of course...I'm kidding obviously!  Anyway....I've been spoiled by her advanced speech and behavioural skills and convinced myself potty training would be a breeze...perhaps I even convinced myself she would even potty train herself!  I stand before you a mommy humbled by potty training...fellow mommies are all nodding their heads in agreement...mommies yet to travel down the potty training path let me warn you...the path may be VERY bumpy!  I'm trying not to lose hope...but I fear I may be changing her diaper until Ruth Ann leaves for college!  My only prayer right now is that she is potty trained before Tripp...I'm trying to set reasonable & attainable goals!

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Tara said...

Do it.

Melanie said...

Oh Tara, I have felt your pain. I went cold turkey with Hudson and diapers when he just a few months past his 2 year birthday, we had multiple accidents a day for quite some time (like months on end), but it did get better and easier and he is fully potty trained now with just a pull-up at night because I am not trying to ruin a mattress after all.