Saturday, April 2, 2011

3 Months

Poor the last McCarty child in our house he may always get things a little later than usual...sorry for the delay in posting baby boy!


My sweet boy is 3 months old. As you can tell by the following picture he has really grown into his chubby cheeks and legs...

Months 1-3

I can say with great pride that Tripp is following in his sister's footsteps as a great sleeper. He still gets one last bottle between 10pm & 11pm, but then he sleeps through the night until about 7am. All I can say is "Praise Jesus!". It was hard in those first weeks back at work to get up with him at 5am only to have to get ready for work at 6:30am.

I think we may also have a talker on our hands...he babbles constantly...even when there is no one to babble to. He also seems louder than Ruth Ann was...even Arch as noticed this recently. I'm afraid Tripp-man has learned early that to be heard over Ruth Ann you've got to speak up!

I think Tripp is a lot stronger than Ruth Ann was at this age. He holds his head up so a few weeks I may break out the Bumbo seat to let him start seeing the world from a seated position. You may also notice in the group of pictures above that I have removed his bumper from his crib. When I was crib bedding shopping for Ruth Ann I was told by the company who made her bedding not to worry about the bumper because you don't keep it in the baby's crib for long...ha! Ruth Ann still has a bumper in her was the cutest part of her bedding...and she never rolled round while she was in her crib so I never saw it as a suffocation hazard. Tripp-man is a different story. About 3 weeks ago I went in his room to get him up and he had wiggled over to the corner of his crib! To understand how amazing that is you need to know I double swaddle...first with the miracle blanket, then with a waffle blanket...and I swaddle TIGHT! He was still wrapped up but in a completely different place than where I had left him. That afternoon his bumper was removed. I carried the child for 9 months and felt all his kicks and it's really no surprised to me to see him so strong and active!

I really can't believe this little boy is already 3 months old. In a way I feel like I was just in the delivery room...but I also can't imagine life without him. It's no secret that I love little girls...they're so much fun to dress and buy for...but there is something very special about a little boy. It's something I didn't even know I needed in my life and now I don't know what I would do without it! I love you my little Tripp-man!

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