Thursday, April 21, 2011

A report from the front lines...


Potty training this girl has been a battle my this point I could take on any member of the Taliban with great ease! Yesterday we had a great day...I set out wanting to avoid Pull-ups at all cost because I find them to be glorified diapers. I wanted her to know the feel of wet undies...but she was unphased by this tactic & I ended up just changing wet panties over and in order to keep up with the potty training and not completely torture my in-laws...who are also very graciously my free childcare...I bought our first pack of pull-ups. I also invested in some very little girl appealing bath toys...Barbie! Ruth Ann knows that if she can make it a full day with dry panties then she gets her choice of toy. Yesterday she finally made it one full day...HOORAY!!



today, not so much. I know it's going to take time...until then, the rest of the Barbies wait for their day in the tub!

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Kimberly said...

We are in potty-training purgatory in our house...wet panties, pull-ups and a naked hiney have all made the attempt list. Progress is being made but OH HOW I CAN IDENTIFY WITH THIS POST :)