Monday, April 4, 2011

Beautiful Weekend!!

So the weather took a turn for the worse in the last week just when I thought it was safe to pull my spring & summer clothes out of hybernation. Then the sun returned on Friday, but it was still too chilly to do much outside so the warm weather on Sunday was a welcome change! We headed outside to take a little stroll in the wagon...


Then Arch tried to charge up the little Jeep...


Let me tell you the back story on this broke down looking Jeep...this was Spencer's...and Spencer is 16 years old. And I think it may have come from the local dump...which doesn't surprise anyone who knows Arch personally. Apparently the battery for these little cars cost about $75...and since it originally came from the dump you know Arch isn't going to buy the correct size that's a lawn mower battery sitting exposed on top of the child's toy...poor Ruth Ann...I can't imagine what her first car is going to look like!

Ruth Ann tried and tried to get the Jeep started and even yelled out "Look out, I'm coming through!" but the battery wasn't fully charged so Daddy had to pull out his toy...


No exposed battery here so perhaps it's only mildly safer!

I went back inside and soon I could hear Ruth Ann's voice directing Arch in the backyard...we have a born leader on our hands! I hope everyone else enjoyed our fabulous weather...since tomorrow it's suppose to be in the 60's again...yuck!

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