Friday, April 15, 2011

What to read??

Today I'm going in with Show Us Your Life at Kelly's Korner where the topic is good books to add to a summer reading list.

About a year ago I read this book after it was suggested by my friend Brantley...

It's a memoir by Jeannette Walls of her life growing up essentially homeless. It was a quick read and made me so grateful for my childhood and the home I was raised in.

Then a few months ago this book was the first book in the book club that Big Mama was starting...

It's the 2nd book written by the author. This time she's telling her maternal grandmother's story and through it you gain a better understanding of where the author's mother came from in the first book.

I read these two books in the order they were written and I recommend you do too. I think it made the 2nd book that much better to know how the story ends with the author's mother as you're reading about her childhood.

Now I doing something I don't usually do...I'm reading 2 books at one time. I decided to read the following book after it was recommended by a friend on Facebook. She may have been reading it with her teenage daughter because it is a teen book...which sometimes I kinda like because they're usually super easy & quick to read. This book is just grabs you from the beginning and I'm having a hard time putting it down at night to go to bed.

This is the other book I'm reading too. I actually read most of it a few years ago but I re-reading it because of my recent addiction to the show Big Love on HBO. This book is the true story of a woman in Utah who was murdered by her husbands fundamentalist Mormon brothers. Through the telling of this story the author discusses the roots of the Mormon faith, the division between LDS Mormons and FLDS Mormons and you learn how fundamentalist Mormons are living in our country. Reading this after watching Big Love from the beginning has made this book much more interesting. Unfortunately as the new season (and also the final season) was beginning my husband took a stand against the rising cost of cable from our local cable provider...and canceled HBO! I'll be waiting for the season to come out on DVD and then I'll watch it on my iPad. I do know how the show ended...but I can't wait to watch it for myself!

Growing up Southern Baptist we spent time in GA's and Acteens learning about different faiths and religions, so some of the information I read about I had already learned years ago. I think it's important to understand what other faiths believe so you will be better able to defend your own beliefs. If you're looking to expand your knowledge on a faith other than your own, this is a great book.

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The Marshes said...

Hey War Eagle! Thanks! I made that shirt form him for the "I am momma hear me roar" boy shirt contest. Aren't the Jeanette books just the greatest? They just stick with me...I think kind of like you said. It makes me realize how very fortunate I was in my childhood.

Healthy Branscoms said...

I really loved Jeanette Walls first book! :) Erin

Love your blog! I am following you!