Thursday, April 28, 2011


We had a pretty quite Easter this year. This was the first year I decided Ruth Ann was ready to dye Easter eggs. I'm crazy obsessive about keeping her clothes stain free, so the thought of letting her go wild with multiple containers of liquid that would ruin her clothes made me a little nervous. I pulled out the tie dyed shirt I made for her on vacation at the Disney Hilton Head Resort from last summer. I figured it wouldn't matter if that shirt got a little bit more dye on it. As you can tell, someone was very excited about what we were about to do...


In the following picture I'm sure she was bossing me around in some form or fashion...


We loaded up the cups and waited...waiting for a 2 year old is obviously the hardest part...


I purchased 2 different color kits. One came with the cute cups...the other didn't. I actually preferred using the Solo cups because Ruth Ann kept dropping the eggs into the liquid and the Solo cups kept it from splashing everywhere...I think this will be what we do from now on!

Our eggs turned out pretty good...


But I'll be working on perfecting my egg art work for next year!

Tripp-man sat peacefully on the porch and watched all the fun...


Then we got up bright and early Easter morning, put on our Sunday best and headed to church...





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