Sunday, May 1, 2011

Equal opportunity

I believe in equal opportunity for all...and in my house that includes the wearing of smocked clothes! I've been collecting a few smocked items for Tripp-man and after discussing brands sizing with my friend Brantley last week I realized I should try some of Tripps 6 months clothes of him...he's only 4 months old right now. Thank goodness I did! I may have missed out of some wear time for some of the cutest things in his closet!  This is Tripp's first smocked jon-jon.


Oh I love a smocked jon-jon! My own personal rule for jon-jons is that they are acceptable as long as the child is wearing a diaper...but I reserve the right to change my mind when that time comes because he just looks so cute...and he'll be my last to wear sweet clothes like this! I promise he won't be heading to high school in smocking but I fully plan to have smocked clothing in his closet for years to come!

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Melanie said...

So adorable, I am so sad this will be Hudson's last summer of Jon Jon's. Even though he is potty trained, I just had to have one more summer and he is quite short so he can pull it off still. But never fear, next summer will be the time for smocked shirts and shorts, because this momma is not ready to give up on smocking all together.