Sunday, May 1, 2011

4 Months Old

Just about 1 year ago Arch & I found out the 3rd (and final) McCarty baby was on their way. I did the math and knew right away this baby would be just about 2 years younger than Ruth Ann so my first thought as they parent who purchases clothes for the children was..."If it's a girl I'll be able to re-use all of Ruth Ann's clothes!" My mom even started coming up with names to match Ruth Ann's monogram so I could even re-use everything I monogrammed! But I've always said little boys love their mommas and later in the summer of 2010 we would find out that God had a plan for me to understand first hand what that love would feel like.

Tripp-man, you're 4 months old today but I still feel like I just found out I was pregnant. You are my sweet, snuggly baby boy...and a very big part of me hopes you stay this way forever! I'll always have room for you in my lap no matter how big you get!


You get your last bottle around 8pm and then go straight to bed. Then you stay asleep until 7 am. You're different from your sister in a lot of ways, but thankfully, this is one thing you both have in're great sleepers!


You also both suck on your bottom lip...which I think is super cute!


You are eating 5-6 7 ounce bottles a day...and I'm curious to see what your stats will be when we go to the doctor of your 4 month check up this week. You are babbling all the time...which you also have in common with your sister & big brother. You come from a long line of talkers so I'm not too surprised to hear you babbling all the have great role models!


Thanks to Grammy we now have a boy appropriate Bumbo for you to sit in...we had planned on using your sister's pink bumbo. You still need a little bit of help but I think very soon you'll be sitting in it all on your own!


I love you sweet Tripp-man and can't imagine what life would be like without you! You are a perfect fit in our family and make our family complete!

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