Monday, May 23, 2011

Stylin' & Profilin'

About 2 months I started planning Tripp's 3 month photo session with our favorite photographer, Heidi Graves. I'm making an effort not to turn every photo session for Tripp into a photo session for Ruth Ann...but that's nearly impossible for this momma who LOVES having pictures taken. I don't want Tripp to look back one day and realized every picture I have of him has his sister in the picture too. However, Tripp's 3 month pictures needed to be taken around Easter and that meant bunny pictures for both kids. Thanks to a very rainy month our pictures were postponed until Tripp was actually 4 months old...oh well, so goes the life of the youngest child.

(Let me first say the statement I'm getting ready to make is very shallow and if this is the worst of my problems then life is pretty good.) In past I've been unhappy with Ruth Ann's hair in the pictures I've had made...see, I told you, shallow.  Overall Ruth Ann has pretty good hair, but the longer it gets the stringier it seems to look to me...I'm itching to cut it off but the majority of my friends think it looks cute longer, so we're trying out a longer style...for now. I still think her hair looks cute cut off in a chin length bob but long hair is what I have to work with now. In an attempt to make her hair look fuller and less stringy I broke out my old velcro seems too "Toddlers & Tiaras" for me to apply hot rollers to my 2 year olds hair!


I found her hair to look much better this time and plan on trying the same thing out the next time we have pictures planned. I hope the velcro rollers will continue to work for us...otherwise I may just be a hot roller away from being a stage mom from "Toddlers & Tiaras"...and I'm afraid that looks to be a very slippery slope friends! I give you all permission to intervene when I start talking about having Ruth Ann fit for a flipper!


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Sal-utations! said...

Sweet Ruth Ann looks adorable no matter what! I love a cute bob on a toddler...but I equally love Ruth Ann's adorable/sassy pony-tail!

Okay, I had to Google what a flipper was and I am STILL IN SHOCK!