Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Back to the pool

Last weekend I ventured back out to my mom's pool with both children. My mom assured me the water temperature had warmed up during the week and she felt sure I would be able to enjoy the pool this time. The bottom half of my body was all I managed to submerge...the top half felt it was still a little too cold and each time I tried to get a little farther down in the water I started to I'll be taking baby steps in trying to enjoy the pool fully.

I did think it was time Tripp-man take a dip in the pool...he disagreed, but I was able to get this picture during the few minutes he wasn't screaming his head off...


As always Ruth Ann loved spending the day at Grammy's house. When I asked her on the way home what her favorite part of the day was she replied simply..."Grammy was my favorite." She's so sweet...sometimes!





After being tortured by his momma, Tripp went inside for a nice long nap. When he woke up he ate his usual 7 oz bottle and then lounged by the pool for a little bit before we packed up and headed home...


He seemed much happier to be poolside rather than in the pool. I feel confident he'll like the pool much more when the pool temperatures feel more like bath water and less like ice water!

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