Sunday, May 29, 2011

Last day

For weeks I've dreaded this day coming...the last day of school.  Not because I don't want Ruth Ann home with me more...I'm actually looking forward to not having to be anywhere on Thursday mornings.  No the dread I felt came from knowing there was a change on my horizon.  I don't handle change well, never have and since I'm 32 years old now & I still hate change then it's pretty safe to say I'll always hate change. I have loved the church pre-school Ruth Ann has been in for the last year. It's the same church pre-school my brother went to and most of my friends have their kids there too. But due to the location of our house, my in-laws house and our places of just wasn't going to be possible for Ruth Ann to stay at this school next year. She's going to a great school next year and I know she'll meet lots of friends and have sweet teachers just like this year...but it's change and did I mention I hate change?

Here's Ruth Ann on her first day of school in August...


And then on her last day...


Is anyone else looking at these pictures through teary eyes...or is that just me...and maybe my mom too?

More evidence of change...which I hate...I just can't believe how much she has changed in one year. I keep hoping she's going to stop growing up so fast but apparently that's not going to happen.

Here is Ruth Ann with her sweet teachers...


So many days Ruth Ann would come home smelling like their perfume. I knew that was because she had been sitting in their laps or they had been giving her hugs during the time she was with them and it warms my heart to know that during the few short hours she was with them once a week they were loving my daughter. I don't know who had a harder time saying goodbye to or Ruth Ann...who am I was me. I had to hurry out because I was on the verge of tears...see, this is what change does to me...I melt into a pool of tears. My worry now is that if this is how I handled the end of Ruth Ann's first year of will I handle 17 more years of this?

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Auralee said...

oh my - she has grown up soooooo much!