Monday, May 9, 2011

Pool party Part 2

So to my surprise Ruth Ann, Ada and Grammy all ended up in the pool on Saturday. Then at lunch on Sunday my mom said they were planning on getting back in the pool that afternoon. This time I left Tripp-man at home with Daddy and Ruth Ann and I spent the afternoon at Grammy's house.


You can see Ruth Ann was still not the least bit bothered by the cool water temperature...


Ada, always putting safety first, floated around the pool...nothing was going to take her down...especially when using 3 different floatation devices...


Grammy spent a lot of her time in the pool getting the unwelcome guests out of the pool...


Then once the girls had all they could take of the cold water, they headed into a nice warm outside shower. I don't know what it is about my family...they ALL love outside showers. When Arch and I were still dating he and Spencer would join my family on our annual beach vacations. The house we use to stay in had a fantastic outdoor shower and from that moment forward Arch dreamed of installing an outdoor shower of his own...and 2 years ago he made that dream a reality. Once the weather warms up I'm the only one who showers indoors...everyone else enjoys and outside shower...and apparently this love of outdoor bathing is genetic...



Could Ruth Ann be any more excited to be in the shower...and this shower lasted for about 20 minutes...I'm surprised my parents had any hot water left after these two got done!

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