Saturday, May 7, 2011

Not how I thought our day would go

Last week my mom called and told me Toni and Ada would be coming to town today. They were also bringing a very special delivery...2 kittens! I have a deep, deep love for all things feline and I may love holding a kitten more than I love holding a newborn baby. We packed up our gear because even though my parents and I share a zip code...we live on opposite sides of this zip code and it's about a 20 minute drive...without traffic...out to their house. We got there seconds before Toni and Ada, so our timing was pretty perfect. Unfortunately the kittens were not as big a hit with Ruth Ann...her father will be happy to hear this since it's my dream to take her to Pets Inc. to pick out her own kitty and it's his worst nightmare! But Grammy had some planting to do and she loves to have Ruth Ann and Ada help.  So I changed Ruth Ann into her play clothes...but it wasn't long before those two ended up in their pool Grammy's pool.

What started out as instructions to "stand" on the first step...


Turned into sitting on the first step before we knew it...


Who, other than the child's own mother, didn't see this coming??

Since I had not planned on today being Opening Day at Grammy's pool I didn't have a swim suit or swim diapers with me...but a Grammy with a swimming pool is aways prepared...


Well 50% prepared...she had a swim suit, but now swim diapers. Ruth Ann had already done her major business of the day just before she went outside but I'm pretty sure she most likely tee-teed while she was in the water...but who are any of us to throw stones...we've all done it!

And because Grammy probably loves these two girls more than anyone else in the entire world she put on her suit and joined in...obviously she loves them more than their own mothers because Toni and I sat pool side and watched Grammy entertain them in the water...I was freezing just watching them...


And who wouldn't be freezing when this is the water temperature...


10 more degrees and I may consider getting in!


But clearly these two don't care and they played in the pool for about 2 hours!



It may look like Ruth Ann and her Grammy are having a sweet conversation, but I recognize that little bossy finger...she's obviously telling Grammy which way to pull her on the float!

Eventually Ruth Ann began to border on hypothermia...if you can't tell by the color of her lips in this picture...


Then have a look here...


I had a funny video of her shivering and talking to my dad...but because I'm borderline computer illiterate when it comes to my video camera I have accidentally deleted all the videos I took today! Trust, she was cold and it was funny! My mom has been talking about putting in a hot tub and until today I wasn't on board...but I could have been talked into a nice relaxing dip in the hot tub this Mother's Day weekend!

We had a fun day spending time with some of our favorite mother's today...I hope they had fun too and I hope everyone, mother's, mother's to be or mother's in waiting are enjoying their Mother's Day weekend too!

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Hooray for the pool being open!!