Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Baseball isn't our thing

Sorry USC friends, but during football season I was pretty sure Auburn was going to take home a victory when our two teams met. I will admit, my hopes began to fade during the first meeting late in the 1st quarter...I actually left the game because I got so disgusted by our terrible performance in the first quarter...and one of my best friends was in Auburn and I decided visiting with her was way better than watching Auburn play crappy football. Little did I know I would get the best of both worlds...chatting with Candi and watching Auburn win!

In the Spring however, my confidence in the Auburn Tigers baseball team is not nearly has high as it was in the football team during the Fall. Not because I don't think they're a good team...they are...I just don't think they're as good as Carolina's team...there, I said it!

This past weekend Auburn was in town for a 3 game series and we joined the Brown's Saturday night for a little pre-game tailgate and 6 innings at the baseball game.

Since it is near impossible to get a good picture of 3 children under 5 all at the same time, I'm including a good picture of each child...

(cutest picture of Ruth Ann)

(cutest of Jay)

(cutest of Betsy)

We sat in general admission seats in the outfield which is basically a grass covered hill and is perfect for little kids who want to run around, be wild and not confined to a seat in the stands. I got lots of pictures of the backs of their heads...




Here's why I was pretty sure Auburn wasn't going to take home a win...


The 2010 NCAA Baseball Championship trophy...it really is something to be proud of and strikes fear in the hearts of the visiting team!

One USC fan laughed when he saw Ruth Ann posing for this picture and he told Arch he needed to work on Ruth Ann. I'm very proudly raising 2 little Auburn Tigers...I laughed and told him at Auburn we have our own trophy to take pictures with on campus...which I hope also strikes fear into the heart of visiting teams in the Fall!

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