Sunday, May 1, 2011

Surprise Party

This year my friend Sally turns 30. She is the youngest of all my close friends and sometimes it's hard for me to believe she is same age as my brother's friends. Growing up I was always the youngest of my friends because my birthday was so late in September. But since my sophomore year in college, most of my friends have been younger than me...but Sally is the youngest!

Sally's husband recruited me and my friend Brantley to help get Sally out of the house for the surprise party. Sally took the bait when Brantley suggested a "Girls Night Out" to celebrate her b-day. Here we are dining at Mr. Friendly's...


All week Brantley and I were sure Sally had no clue what was going on...and we were right! We got back to the Brown's to enjoy a glass of wine on the back porch and I strapped on my cover was not wanting to take my whole camera bag in & I had been chronicling our whole evening for the was Sally's expression when Justin flipped the porch lights on to reveal all the guests in their backyard!


The flower was from Brantley...and for a minute I thought she may drop it, vase and all.

Justin had invited a whole backyard full of guest and a very delicious cake...


When we gathered around to sing "Happy Birthday" all the children got around the cake...which I thought was very sweet! They were all so excited to be at a surprise party!


And the cake was just as yummy on the inside as it looked on the outside!


We all enjoyed the newest edition to the Brown's home...the back porch...


Justin & his daddy built it...and I may be putting in an order to have my back porch look the same...they did a GREAT job!

Sally had some of her very favorite people friends are some of my greatest friends and I know Sally feels the same about her college friends...


Just like I believe my college friends and I could pass for college students...well, maybe graduate students...these girls look like they could still be USC students!

Amanda & I apparently read the same blogs and both decided to follow advice from this post and showed up dressed very similar...


Thanks to Justin for letting me be a part of the surprise party for one of my very sweet friends! I had so much fun and am happy to welcome Sally into the fraternity of 30-something moms!

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Auralee said...

wow - thanks for capturing the evening!!! and the matchie dresses at the end cracks me up!